Having strangers parade through your house in Long Island, when you want to sell it, is a huge downside to listing with a Long Island, NY real estate agent. Learn how to sell your house without any property showings or hassles in our latest post!

Dealing with property showings can be one of the most agonizing aspects of selling your house on the Multiple Listing service in Long Island (MLSLI). Opening your door to stranger after stranger and letting them walk through your home can feel intrusive. Below, we offer several tips to help you sell your house without any property showings in Long Island, NY.

Utilize An Open House Instead

If you decide to list your house in Long Island and don’t want to deal with showing after showing, you may want to utilize the use of one big open house instead. This will allow you to show the property to a number of potential buyers all at once. Generating a large crowd to see the house may also increase a potential buyer’s urgency to buy the property right away. It could make the house appear to be in high demand, helping you to get an offer more quickly. On the downside, hosting an open house could mean a lot of strangers wandering through your house all at once. It can be easy for items to be rummaged through or even go missing. Many homeowners feel and intrusion of privacy when having so many people parade through their homes, so if you do decide to host an open house, make just that you have planned accordingly. If you are using a realtor, they should ensure that they have enough help at your home to deal with hopefully is a large group of people

A Word Of Caution On Open Houses

In todays world of buyers and sellers agents, the agent listing your house will not likely be bringing most of the buyers. In fact the minute a prospective buyer walks through your door at an open house it could be the first time that the listing agent in many cases the buyers agent may be meeting them. Most people who show up at an open house are essentially un-screened in any way. The buyers agent may have some information on some serious buyers, but when you have an open house, you are essentially waving the flag that everyone is welcome and to just “sign in”. Identification is generally never asked for. You just have to be mindful of this and make sure that everyone has an eye kept on them. We like to have at least one realtor on each floor so people know we are keeping an eye on them when we are selling and we don’t even live in the houses we sell!

Create Outstanding Virtual Tours

There are times when a house seller in Long Island may try to sell the house sight unseen. In this case, in order to sell your house without any property showings in Long Island, you will need to create attractive virtual tours. Hire a professional company to create video walkthroughs, with professional quality video. Drones can be used both inside and outside of the home to provide a bird’s eye view of the property. You can narrow down the amount of people traipsing through your home if people have a better feel for it online. Being such a large purchase, buyers will eventually want to see the house in person before buying.

Disclose Everything

If a person is buying your house without a property showing, they will want to know as much about it as possible in order to make a smart decision about how to sell. If the house has any sort of defect, you will need to make sure that your potential buyers know all about it. Of course, you will want to highlight the great things about the property, but in order to sell ethically and keep your buyers happy (and you out of a lawsuit), you will need to disclose all the information you have about the house whether it is good or bad.

Have An Inspection Done

One way to tell buyers what they need to know about a property without seeing it in person is to hire a professional to perform a proper inspection. The results of the inspection can be shared with potential buyers, helping them have confidence in what they are buying. You will know what has been checked out by an inspector, what has been repaired recently, and what it will cost to fix up the property. While this may get some buyers to the next level, eventually they will want to hire their own home inspector who works directly for them.

Sell Your House Directly

As a seller who may not want the hassle and disruption if selling the traditional way with a realtor, you may benefit greatly from choosing to sell your home to a direct cash home buyer like our company CoMax Properties. While we will likely come to see the property in person, we do not ask you to fix it up or do any of the cleaning. You can leave it as dirty as you want as we see past that to the true potential of the home. We will handle all of the details, making the selling process as simple as possible for you.

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