Ready to sell your house in Long Island or the surrounding areas? Learn more about the pros and cons of hiring an agent vs. selling to an investor in Long Island!

What many people don’t realize, is that there are many ways you can go about selling your home. You are not required to hire a real agent, pay commissions, or even clean-up. In some situations, a real estate agent is may be your best choise. While in others, a direct sale to a cash home buyer like CoMax Properties may be the better choice. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of hiring an agent vs. selling to an investor in Long Island NY.

Agent Pros

Potentially Higher Sale Price

When you work with a real estate agent on long  Island, there is a chance you will receive a higher final sale price than if you would have sold directly. This is due to increased exposure and the opportunity to tell more people about your house. Keep in mind, your costs will also be much higher, so run the numbers ahead of time to find out if listing really is the right choice for you.

Handling The Details

When you work with a professional and qualified real estate agent in Long Island they are required to take care of the listing paperwork, showing and marketing of your home. When you opt for an FSBO (for sale by owner) listing you will have to handle these things on our own. With a direct cash sale to CoMax Properties, you can rest assured that we will handle everything and fave the flexibility to work through any tough situation.

Agent Cons

Cleaning & Showings

Putting a home on the MLS on Long Island requires it to be thoroughly cleaned before it is put on the market or seen by any potential buyers. In some cases, you will need to hire a professional cleaning company or rent special equipment for things like carpets and sidewalks. Home that are not well kept and are not clean for a showing tend to linger on the market and often sell below value. Buyers today are more picky than they have ever been!

Extensive Expenses

Not all real estate agents are full service, leaving you with a laundry list of expenses to take care of. Some agents will only list the property on the MLS and do nothing more, leaving you to handle the marketing, showings, open houses, printed materials, signage, and administrative costs. While this is included in some agent’s commission, in other cases, it is not. Please read your contract (listing agreement) completely and make sure that the agent lists specifically everything that he will do to market your home.

It Can Take Months

When you work with a real estate agent in Long Island, there is no guarantee if, or when the property will sell. In some situations, the house can sit on the market for a long time. This leaves you with the insurance, property taxes, mortgage, and utility bills for many months to come. Real estate agents are essentially middlemen who for a large fee will try to get someone to buy your house.

Investor Pros

A Fast Sale

When you sell your house directly to a direct cash buyer like CoMax Properties, you’ll be able to sell the property in a few short weeks not months and months. This can potentially save you thousands in holding costs. You will no longer need to pay for utility costs, homeowners insurance, property taxes, repairs, routine maintenance, and all the other expenses that come along with being a homeowner. This is also a guaranteed sale at a guaranteed price with no contingencies for mortgage, appraisals or home inspections. This allows the seller to be able to plan their next move and pick the actual closing date that works form.

No Costs

Selling to a company such as CoMax Properties will allow you to sell your Long Island house without any commissions, repair costs, continued holding costs, marketing expenses, or hidden fees. We will handle everything, helping you to keep a ton of money in your pocket. We will even pay your closing costs!

Simple Process

Our process is simple and direct. You won’t have to deal with property showings, an unknown closing timetable, or delays in the transaction. Selling your Long Island house doesn’t require you to spend money or live in limbo.

Investor Cons

Lower Sale Price

Take this one with a grain of salt. While the final sale price will likely be higher when working with an agent and private buyer, the costs you encounter can completely negate these profits. Marketing, repairs, commissions, and closing costs will eat away at that sale price. Run the numbers if your method of selling is financially motivated. In some cases, a direct sale to CoMax Properties can be the more profitable choice. However, it is always quicker, easier and less stressful!

We can help you decide whether hiring an agent or selling to an investor will be the right choice for you! Get in touch with us today to learn more! Call (516) 704-7025